Sunday, September 25, 2011

Featured Seller; September 25th

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I'm a 25 year old geek from England. I'm a massive comic book geek and a secret movie buff, but video games belong to my heart the most. Due to a chronic pain illness, I am forced to lay down/sit down for long periods of time. So I decided to make myself some geek pillows to rest on.Unknown to me, I created The Comfy Geek and people seem to love it.

What is your most geeky attribute:

I literally eat, breathe and sleep geek. I have a semi-serious relationship with my gaming consoles. I've named my car Hank Mccoy (Beast from X-Men) and dream one day it will turn into a transformer!

What made you want to become a crafter/artist:

I have to rest a lot for my illness, so I wanted something really cool to look at while while I'm resting other than floral patterns. So I researched online for geek cushions. There just wasn't anything that suited my love for everything geek.
My wife then popped in and asked "You could make something to your own taste!" and I did. I made myself 2 Halo characters because I'm a huge fan of the Halo series and a web show called 'Red vs Blue'. At the same time, my little brother was moving to university. I was so proud of him (being the only brother of three to make it to university) so I made him the Stormtrooper pillow to show how proud I am of him. He was in awe over it. The pillow became the talking piece of his roommates!
I thought, there are a lot geeks living in their homes, who want to show their love for gaming, or comics, or movies and I could help them. So I created The Comfy Geek to help decorate their rooms a little more personalized.
I needed to work to occupy my hands and mind, and being ill forces me to sit or lay down, so creating cushions became my perfect outlet.

Aside from crafting, what are your hobbies and interests?

I love gaming. It's my passion. If I could game 24/7 I would be a very happy little geek. When my consoles need to cool down, I read comics/manga, watch comedy shows/, anime/movies. But it's most fun is when I hang out with my wife and daughter.

Who or what has influenced your craft the most?

My wife to be honest. She is a fellow crafter herself and she inspires me to think outside the box. I run to her with any idea that pops into my head, and we brainstorm together on how it's possible to create that idea.The Comfy Geek wouldn't exist without her.

What is your favorite artistic medium?

A good colour of felt that's easy to cut. Love it.

If you could spend the day with one person, who would it be? Why?

Other than the people I already spend the days with. I would give my arm to spend a day with Dave Grohl. He has been my idol since I was 13. But to satisfy my inner geek, I would choose Cliff Bleszinski, creator of Epic Games. Cliff is my favourite developer in the gaming industry and is really down to earth and so energetic. I would love to met him in the flesh.

What is your most cherished possession?

Easy, I was given a sewing box for my 25th birthday this year. It has two Japanese characters on it from one my favourite anime shows, Samurai Champloo. Designed by my wife and created by my little brother. I would honestly run back into a burning building for that box.

What is your long term goal as an artist?

My goal is to help any geek who wants to decorate in their style. To know that my work can create a cushion for a gamer to jump up and down when they celebrate in victory, to jump and hide behind in fear, or just to rest their head against after a 3-4 hour raid is enough reason to create more gear.


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