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Why hellooo there! I'm the chick behind Geekish Crafts and the geek girl behind MakeItSick! A shop dedicated to geekery and all that is awesome. I thought i'd use this page to introduce myself! :) I grew up with an older brother, who passed down a love for all things Nintendo and Pokemon. I grew up on Pokemon Stadium, Star Wars Ep. 1 Racer, and Super Mario Bros. My love for Star Wars blossomed in elementary school when I stumbled upon A New Hope, and instantly fell in love. Other kids made fun of me, but hey, they were missin' out. (Am I right?) My love for comics didn't come about until about 2 years ago, but now encompasses my entire being. (And my Wednesday's. ;) I work as a Social Media Specialist at a creative marketing firm, attend classes at my local community college, and do my best running my small (very small) business. Oh, and did I mention I'm only 17? Nice to meet ya, the name's Chelsea.

What is your most geeky attribute?
Aside from the obvious geekery, like my love for Star Wars and comics, i'm a huge, huge, huge history buff. My two favorite subjects are the Ancient Astronaut Theory and Buddhist history & traditions. Ever since I was little, I've always been obsessed with UFO's and metaphysics. (Ancient Astronaut Theory is the theory that extraterrestrials visited and intervened in human history.) I'm a member of the the A.A.S. R.A.--Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association, and subscriber to Legendary Times magazine. My bookshelf is lined with historical fictions and non-fictions. I have a weird obsession with historical coffee table books. I've been a huge philosophy buff for about 5 years now, and my favorite religion to study has always been Buddhism. I've just always loved studying ancient Asian history and culture.

What made you want to become a crafter?
I've always considered myself to be "artsy." I've done school art contests since 1st grade, and did Art UIL in 5th grade. I was in National Art Honor Society in high school, etc etc. I've just always loved to create. Anything and everything. My crafting really came about when I was disappointed in the lack of selection and quality in 'geek' accessories. I was always looking for neat stuff in stores, but could never find anything. So I decided, hey, why not make it myself?

Aside from crafting, what are your hobbies and interests? 
Well honestly, crafting IS my hobby and interest. I don't have time for much else since I work and go to school. I read alot of comics, and that's pretty much the only other thing I do. :)

Who or what has influenced your craft the most?
It's got to be pop culture in general. Video games, movies, fandom, scifi, superheroes. I model my shop after the best pop culture has to offer, and what i've loved since I was young. I want to give some credit to artist and crafter, Chelsea Bloxsom. She's the creative genius behind Love & A Sandwich, and the 1st Etsy seller I ever stumbled upon. I absolutely loved her plush, which was what I wanted to make at the time, and she inspired me to actually open up a shop.

What is your favorite artistic medium? 

I love working with polymer clay, Premo Sculpey to be exact, and that's what I use to make my necklaces. I love making things out of old comics, so I'd say its my favorite medium as well. I enjoy acrylics and felt crafts too. ^_^

If you could spend the day with one person, who would it be? 
That would be either Bonnie Burton or Giorgio Tsoukalos. Bonnie Burton is a Content Developer for Lucas Online, a staff writer for both Star and Star Wars Insider magazine, and maintainer of the Official Star Wars Blog. She is the author and craft star behind The Star Wars Craft Book, and an all around awesome chick. (She has my dream life, too.) Giorgio Tsoukalos is the Director of the Center for Ancient Astronaut Research (A.A.S. R.A. - Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association). He is also the publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, the world's only Ancient Astronaut research journal. He is also the producer of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and is an awesome dude with awesome hair.

What is your most cherished possesion? 
Hmmm, that's a tough one. I have a few. First would have to be my braided bracelet. It was given to me by a Buddhist monk at my cousin's funeral. She was from Laos and had a traditional Laotian Buddhist funeral. The monk gave my family these bracelets as a symbol of good luck. Second, is a goldflyer replica pin given to me by Giorgio Tsoukalos, and a letter he wrote to me after I wrote to him a few years back. He also sent me a picture of Erich Von Daniken (Author of Chariots of the Gods), his partner per say, that Erich had signed. All of these things mean a lot to me.

What is your long term goal as an artist? 
My main goal is to one day sustain myself on my crafts. To either open my own store, or sustain myself on my Etsy shop. To be my own boss. :) I'd love to one day open up a handmade brick and mortar shop, selling consignments from local handmade artists. That'd be rad. But I'm really just taking it all one day at a time.

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